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   Shandong Tianjing Engineering Design Co., Ltd. ,established in November 2006, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sheng’an Construction Group. (Sheng’an Construction Group is a joint-stock company restructured from a large state-owned enterprise established in 1958.
   Tianjing has more than eighty engineering technical personnels, including enough professonal senior engineers and engineers; we have enough registered architects, registered structural engineers, registered chemical engineers, registered electrical engineers, registered environmental engineers, registered consultants, registered cost engineers, and other registered employees. We have reasonable personnel structure and rich design experience with strong technical force.
   Tianjing has grade B engineering design qualification of chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical, and grade B engineering design qualification of electrical engineering (thermal), has grade D1 and D2 design qualifications of pressure vessel and grade GB, GC, GD design qualifications of pressure pipeline...[MORE]